Mawlana Ashraf-ul-Ulama Bahr-ul-uloom Allama Hazrat Syed Ashraf ShamsiRH
Allama Bahr-ul-uloom Syed Ashraf ShamsiRH was born in Hyderabad on 23rd July 1863/5th Safar 1280 H in a learned and pious family of Hussaini Saadat. He was an eminent and versatile scholar of Islamic sciences such as Theology, Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, Tajweed, Arabic, Persian, Rhetoric, Prosody, Logic, Mathematics, Geometry, Medicine, Philosophy and Astronomy etc. He was also a renowned poet in Arabic and Persian.

After completion of education, he was honoured with 'Dastar Bandi' and certificates by his teachers and other Ulema at a grand convocation held at the historical Makkah Masjid of Hyderabad on 26th Shawwal 1304 H/ 18th July 1887. Later he joined Darul uloom College and was subsequently transferred to Osmania University where he served as the Assistant Professor till 1927. He expired on 24th June 1930/ 26th Muharram 1349 H in Hyderabad.

Some of his prominent pupils are: Allama Sa'adatullah Khan, Nawab Bahadur yar Jung, Maulvi Syed Murtuza, Allama Syed Shahabuddin, Abdul Hakeem Tadbir, Prof. Qari Syed Kaleemullah Hussaini, Syed Najmuddin Alma'ie, Sri B. Ram Kishan Rao Ex. C.M. of Hyderabad, Sri B Narsing Rao Ex. Home Minister etc. Allama ShamsiRH never accepted any remuneration from his students.

His most prestigious contribution to Arabic and Islamic literature is the voluminous commentary of Holy Qur'an in Arabic language, known as 'Lawaam'a-ul-Bayaan'. Another important and worth reading book on Arabic Grammar 'Talkhees-un-Naho' in Urdu also remained unpublished. In addition to Tafseer, he had compiled a Muqaddama of Tafseer spread over 570 pages, dealing with several topics and sciences of Qur'an. Only seven parts of Tafseer and few other books have been published. The Tafseer in Arabic is a matter of pride for Indians as only few Indians have compiled the commentary of complete Qur'an in Arabic Language.

Now the grand son of Allama ShamsiRH, Mr. Syed Yadullah Shaji Yadullahi has taken up the task of publishing the Tafseer and other books. May Allah bless him and help him in his endeavour. Ameen!

Shaik Chand Sajid, M.A., M.Phil (Osmania Univ)

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