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All praise be to AllahSWT the Lord of the Universe, with its living and non-living creatures, existing in and outside of our meager knowledge. When we started this holy site 15 years ago with only three audio speeches, we never imagined that we would come to where we are now. Today, Alhamdulillah, the website has a host of material both in English and Urdu [some Arabic and Farsi too], literature and audio with more being added regularly. The website met the copper and fiber by the Grace of Almighty AllahSWT and the Sadaqa of Rasool-wa-Mahdi (Peace be upon them, their families and their companions).
Some of our objectives are listed below:
  1. Preserve and present online the 6 centuries old and rich literature of and about Mahdavia Movement which details the proofs of Mahdiat of our beloved Imam Hazrat Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri Al Mahdi Al MawoodAS, his principles, teachings and practices, each and every part of it based on and emanating from Quran alone.
  2. Open the online door of invitation (Dawah) of our Quran's Mazhab to the sincere truth seekers.
  3. Help remove misconceptions and myths about the advent and signs of the MahdiAS among misinformed, simple-minded but brain-washed Sunni and Shia brethren.
  4. Support and promote Mahdavia youth education, both religious and academic.
Our sincere request to any visitor [be it non-Mahdavi or a person born to Mahdavi parents trying to rediscover his religion] of this website and/or SEEKERS of TRUTH is not to be adamant and stubborn and submit to the Word of Almighty God whenever it unveils before you and do justice to yourself. Purge your prejudice, bias, opinion, misconception and sentiment off your minds before studying the material. Food-for-thought: What could be the motive of a person who infused love of Allah in our hearts, who filled and purified our otherwise vain breaths with Allah so much that not a single breathe goes without Allah's remembrance, who made our egos, not just bodies, prostrate to Allah, who made our giving, our taking, our learning, our teaching, our fighting, our befriending, our forgiving, our quitting, our adapting, our preaching, our practice, our living, and our dying for the sake of Allah and Allah alone through his unparalleled teachings? A person whose single word or deed did not against the Book or the established Sunnah, how can it be expected of him to claim such a flagrant lie and that too on Allah swt? And what could possibly be the hidden agenda or political motive of a person in whose caravan were kings and rulers who renounced their power, palaces and politics to seek Allah's ultimate pleasure?
Many people over the years demonstrated inquisitiveness about individuals involved in and part of the team behind this living project which was quite natural too. In the Daira of MahdiAS, the seekers of Allah were so immersed in the remembrance and worship of Allah that they did not know each other's names despite living together for months. We would consider ourselves fortunate if we get the status of the dust of the feet of the dog of their street. We, the team members, kept our identities anonymous and focused on serving the religion of Allah for His sake and to please HIM only - and that [abstinence from ostentation] is one of the fundamental teaching of our beloved ImamAS. The second being, on our journey we've found brothers all along who gladly joined us on board to help serve the upright religion. The team strength is growing all the time, by the Grace of Almighty.
May Allah make us, the entire team at Khalifatullahmehdi.info, practice more than what we preach in compliance with the holy verse: Do ye enjoin right conduct on the people, and forget (To practice it) yourselves, and yet ye study the Scripture? Will ye not understand?
It is an obligation for all who hear of the MahdiAS and his teachings to investigate and evaluate it for themselves!
.........And peace to all who follow guidance! (20:47)
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