Absence of MahdiAS's Tradition in Bukhari, Muslim  
The word "Mahdi", as reported by ThoubanRZ, is the title given by the Seal of the ProphetsSAS to his perfect follower. Hence, it is narrated from the Noble ProphetSAS that he said "Fa Iza ....." [If you see him, plead allegiance to him even if you have to go crawling over ice for he is the Caliph of Allah, the Mahdi]. While explaining the authorities of this Hadith in the book Ibn-Majah it is written on page #1366 under the chapter "Emergence of the MahdiAS" that all the authorities of the (aforesaid) Hadith are authentic. The narrator is reliable and Hakim has reported it in his book Mustadrak and said that [this Hadith] "is authentic as per the conditions of the Shaykhain [i.e. Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim]" [Hadith #4084].

Remember that the title "The Mahdi" is given by the Seal of the Prophets Muhammad MustafaSAS himself to his perfect follower and vice-regent of AllahSWT and ProphetSAS himself bestowed all the details of his advent to the Muslim community.

You have noticed that at the end of the aforesaid tradition the phrase "Sahih Ala' Sharat as Shaikhain" appears. In the science of tradition this idiom means that for the Shaykhain this tradition is authentic as per their own conditions of soundness.

By the way, it is made clear here that these days by way of "excuse and objection", brain washed scholars say that there is no mention of Imam MahdiAS in Bukhari Sharif and there is no chapter on Imam MahdiAS itself. These people draw a conclusion from it that if the advent of MahdiAS was truth and a reality then Imam Bukhari would certainly have established a "chapter of Mahdi" in his book.

The word of these people does not carry weight and is absolutely weak and insignificant for two reasons - the first reason being that as you have read in the above passage that in relation to Ibn Majah's tradition #4084, Hakim, in his book Mustadrak, has stated clearly and in detail that near Shaykhain [Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim] this tradition is sound. It is proven from this passage of Hakim that the advent of Imam MahdiAS is an accepted fact and based on truth according to Imam Bukhari and Imam Bukhari himself has acknowledged and accepted the tradition of advent of MahdiAS as authentic.

Now what remains is that when this tradition is not present in Bukhari and it is found in the rest of the six authentic books of traditions [Sahah Sitta] then what would be the reasoning in this regard?

In order to open the eyes of all such lame excuse making people, the passage by Shaik Abdul Haq Muhaddis Dahlvi in the introduction section of the tradition book "Mishkat ul Masabih" is enough. Hence the author writes, "The authentic traditions are not limited [confined] to Bukhari and Muslim only. These two have collected only the authentic [sound] traditions. However, there are many such Ahadiths which are sound as per them and also conform to the conditions laid out by them, but were not included in their books [Bukhari and Muslim].

When traditions which were sound in books other than his were brought, Imam Bukhari has said, "I have brought in only authentic traditions (Sahih) in my book [Jame' Bukhari] but I've also left out many authentic traditions (Sahih)."

It is the statement of Imam Muslim that, "Whatever traditions I have reported in this book of mine [Muslim Shareef] are all authentic. Nevertheless, I would not say that the traditions that I've left are weak. However the basis of authenticity and other purposes were taken into consideration while omitting and excluding the traditions and it was done in accordance with that"

Thus it is proved that omission of tradition relating to MahdiAS by Imam Bukhari or him not establishing a separate chapter on the MahdiAS doesn't give testimonial proof that traditions of the advent of MahdiAS status are degraded from a soundness standpoint. From all these clarifications the door of this kind of low standard of understanding and foolishness is closed. And for those people who held this excuse to be appropriate, the wall of sand is blown away by the ordinary wind of truth.

[Translated by team @ khalifatullahmehdi.info with excerpts taken from pages #335-336 of Tabi'in-ul-Quran, written by Qudwatul Ulema Syed Mohammed Roshan Miyan Sahab Qibla]
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