KhalifatullahMehdi (AHS)
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capable of imparting learning and spiritual heights to thousands of people, also accepted Miran Syed Mohammed Jaunpuri as the promised Mahdi (A)."

Mohammed Hussain Azad:

The famous historian and writer Mohammed Hussain Azad, in his work: "Darbar-e-Akbari" writing about Hazrat Mahdi (A) states: "Syed Mohammed Jaunpuri (A) was in fact a great scholar, perfect in conventional and spiritual branches of knowledge. Not only common people accepted him as the promised Mahdi (A), but Sultan Mahmood Baigda, King of Gujarat also became his disciple. Syed Mohammed, apart from his scholastic and spiritual attainments had great will power and missionary zeal which made him travel extensively in India and ultimately he reached the domain of Iran." (In fact the last stage of the Imam's (A) journey ended at Farah which is now a part of Afghanistan).

Shah Abdul Haq Muhaddis Dehlavi:

A notable sunni divine and scholar Shah Abdul Haq of Delhi, quoting from a book of another renewed sunni divine, "Shah Abdul Aziz", "Tuhfa-e-Asnnai-Ashrya", states that many sunni divines and ulema who were the contemporaries of Hazrat Mahdi and who were born just after his period, had great respect for him as a perfect saint. But in the matter of his claim to be the promised Mahdi, either they accepted it or preferred to remain impartial and silent. But the worldly wise ulema bitterly opposed him and his mission. In his famous work "Tazkira", Moulana Azad quotes, Shah Abdul Haq, as saying, "In the matter of perfection of faith Syed Mohammed Jaunpuri had the same degree of attainment as Prophet Mohammed (A) had, but the difference lay in the fact that in the case of the Prophet it was inherent and in the case of Syed Mohammed, it was due to absolutely following the Prophet (A). This genuineness of adherence reached the stage of what was inherent". Moulana Azad quoting this passage remarks: "what the disciples and