Is Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri The Promised Mahdi AS?  (Audio )  
Excerpt from Tafsir-ul-Qur'an Noor-e-Imaan by Maulana Hzt. Syed Miranji Abid Khundmiri Sahab Qibla.
Translator: Ahqar-ul-Ibaad Syed Yousuf Tajammul Khundmiri.
It is futile to have any discussion in this regard with the people who deny the concept of the advent of MahdiAS, (or it being compulsory). However those who believe in the advent of Mahdi-e-MaoudAS ask for a proof (for MahdiAS being the Promised One). Since, in this respect the traditions of the ProphetSLM are quoted first, some people deny saying, "there are differences in traditions, the signs prophesized in the traditions are contradicting. Hence conclusion cannot be drawn from them. Of course, if a proof is given in this regard from the Holy Qur'an, it can be accepted".

It is generally questioned with emphasis, If Mahdi'sAS name is mentioned in the Holy Qur'an?

We have given a detailed response to this question in previous pages (a separate chapter called "18-Verses about Mahdi-e-MaoudAS"). Wherein we have explained that there is a mention of Mahdi-e-MaoudAS at several places in the Holy Qur'an, but not with a specific mention of the word "MahdiAS". Because it has not been Allah's practice to specifically mention with name about the future advents in His Holy Books. All the revealed books of all the Prophets are a testimony to this. However the name of the final ProphetSLM, which is revealed in Bible, is also a disputed subject near Christians. Because their argument is that the prophecy in Bible is for "Ahmed" and Muslims have accepted "MuhammadSLM" as the ProphetSLM. The Muslim scholars have given sufficient answers on this objection, however only those people accept, who are blessed with divine guidance. It also is a point here worth consideration that Prophet MuhammadSLM clarified with kindness about the advent, promised at various places in the Holy Qur'an, in his traditions by the word "MahdiAS". The academicians seized the word and started demanding to show the word "MahdiAS" in Qur'an so as to believe. The fact is that the word "MahdiAS" is mentioned in the traditions of ProphetSLM and he expressed this word "MahdiAS" as a clarification of the promised advent. If the verification is to be done, look for "MahdiAS" in the traditions of ProphetSLM (Kalaam-e-Rasool) and not in Qur'an (Kalaam-ullah).

To search for the word "MahdiAS" which was uttered by ProphetSLM, in the Holy Qur'an and then demanding us to show that word in the Holy Qur'an, is a wrong demand. In-spite of this, those verses have been highlighted in a separate chapter where Mahdi-e-MaoudAS is intended.

There have been fairly long discussions about the traditions and a few objections that are generally raised are as follows:
  • These traditions are "Ahaad" (Traditions transmitted by only one narrator in each link of chain)
  • Their narrators are neither authoritative nor trustworthy.
  • There are contradictions in the signs narrated in them.
Infact all the above statements are gimmick to mislead and deceive innocent common people. What do people know about the status of the traditions pertaining to Mahdi-e-MaoudAS? How did the scholars of traditions grade these traditions? And what solution did they suggest for the contradictions in these traditions?

We mention here in brief reply to these objections. The scholars of Ahle-Sunnat have agreed that, although the traditions, which are narrated about Mahdi-e-MaoudAS, are differing in words but they are "Mutavatir" (continuously reported). The traditions, which are "Mutavatir", give the benefit of certainty and cannot be denied. There cannot be any discussion about the narrators of such traditions.

Although there are differences in signs yet, all agree to the extent that MahdiAS will be from the progeny of RasoolAllahSLM, children of FatimaRZ and Allah will depute him whenever He wishes. He will be the concluder of the faith (Deen), he is one among the signs of the day of judgement, whose advent is mandatory. Denial of the signs of the hour (The day of judgment) is also infidelity, etc.

Then the question is raised as to what is the proof that Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS is truly the Promised MahdiAS. In reply to this we say although MahdiAS is not a "Prophet" yet let us declare the proofs given to check the authenticity of a Prophet and specially the proofs given to establish the authenticity of the Prophet-hood of the Seal-of-Prophets Hzt Muhammad MustafaSLM, as a standard to check the authenticity of the Mahdiat of Mahdi-e-MaoudAS and see if heAS fits in that standard or not.

For the Prophet-hood of Muhammad MustafaSLM, Muslim scholars have given four excellent proofs:
  • The predictions of the past Holy books.
  • Claim of the Prophet-hood and to stay firm on the claim till the last breathe.
  • Miracles.
  • Moral.
Let us first talk about the predictions. It has been mentioned earlier that the language of predictions is not clear and self-explanatory. Instead hints are given. Thus, it is necessary to establish the real meaning (Masadeeq) and applicability of these predictions need to be determined.

Thus, it is said about ProphetSLM that he will be "The Ruler of the World". Can the title "the Ruler of the World" be truly associated with the position of ProphetSLM in Makkah?

Conversely, can we imply "The ruler of the world" (Rais-ul-Arz) title on the position that heSLM held even after migrating to Madinah-e-Munawwara, at a time when not even all Arabs accepted Islam?

Furthermore, look at this prediction, which has been stated in Bible regarding the ProphetSLM.

Jesus' revelation that God gave him, to show his followers those things, which are bound to happen soon. Yohna says, "Then I saw the sky open and saw
  • One white silver horse and its rider.
  • Is called trustful and faithful (True)
  • And he does justice with honesty
  • And he fights
  • His eyes are like flames of fire.
  • Many crowns are on his head
  • One of his names is written, which no one except him knew
  • He wore blood-drenched clothes
  • And his name is "speech of God" / divine speech
  • And those armies, which are in skies, wearing clean, white and lovely oblong dresses, riding white silver horses, accompany him.
  • And a sharp sword comes out of his mouth with which he may kill the nations.
  • And he would rule on them with an iron specter.
  • And he treads under the millstone of Almighty God's wrath and anger.
  • And on his clothes and his thigh, this name is written "The king of the kings, the lord of the lords"
(Rahmatul-lil-alameen by Qazi Muhammad Suleiman Salmanpuri)

This is the transcript of the prediction and its words. Now if we keep the outward meaning of the prediction and verify the claim of the Prophet-hood, then what do we get?

Which means until the interpretation of the words of the prediction is done, its true meaning cannot be understood. All praise is to Allah, Muslim scholars, by doing correct interpretation of every sign in the prediction, proved them to be in accordance with Prophet'sSLM life. But Christians insist that none of the signs in the predictions come true on Prophet MuhammadSLM, because they are looking at the outward meaning.

Same conditions apply to the signs present in traditions narrated about Imam Mahdi-e-MaoudAS.

Hence, the scholars are adamant on the outward meaning, of the said predictions. In fact to understand their true meaning religious intellect is required, which is bestowed on to the man when he unwraps himself from the cover of the school-of-thought he follows.

This also is to the extent of few traditions only. Otherwise, it can be said with challenge, that no caliph of AllahSWT predicted even one tenth of the details about any yet-to-come caliph-of-Allah then what RasoolAllahSLM has said about Mahdi-e-MaoudAS. i.e.

RasoolAllahSLM had mentioned with details the name of Mahdi-e-MaoudAS, lineage, patronymic, family, place of advent, reason for advent, rank and status, place of the claim, duration of guidance, state of affairs at the time of the advent, and his mission and responsibility, etc.

Therefore, it is mentioned in traditions that, "MahdiAS will be from my progeny, i.e. children of FatimaRZ". This sign is very much present in Hzt. Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS.

It is stated in a tradition, "Allah will give him ability in just one night". This sign is also present in Hzt. Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS that he was directly taught by Allah.

It is stated in a tradition that, "people from the east would come to support him". This sign is also present in him, that from Jaunpur (India) to Arab and Afghanistan, people accepted him. This area is in the east of Makkah.

It is stated in a tradition that he would fill the earth with justice and equity. Even though only "Al Arz" is mentioned in the tradition, which could also mean 'a part of the earth', Yet the scholars object that when did Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS fill the earth with justice and equity.

Whenever in the Holy Qur'an, "Al Arz" (the earth) has been mentioned with "Sama'" (sky) or "Samawat" (skies), it means complete earth. However, where only "Al Arz" has been mentioned it means that particular part of earth or nation.

As Allah says in the Holy Qur'an, "All praise be to Allah! Who made us the heir of the earth" It is clear that here "Arz" does not mean complete earth. Instead commentators have considered "Al Arz" here as heaven. Moreover, when the complete earth was not filled with justice and equity during Prophet'sSLM period then to say that the complete earth will be filled with justice and equity during Mahdi'sAS period, is a false belief.

Of course! It can be said that the part of earth where he set his foot or where his teachings reached, and the people of that part accepted them then that part will be filled with justice and equity. Therefore, under it is written i.e.; it means that he is a mercy for those who obeyed him.

i.e.; will be king (of guidance) for seven years. King here does not mean rule or kingdom of a nation or the world, as commonly believed by the scholars. Instead by kingdom, religion and spirituality is intended. As RasoolAllahSLM has been called "The ruler of the world". There also by kingdom, religion and Prophet-hood is intended.

Mahdi-e-MaoudAS proclaimed at Taj Khan Salaar Mosque in Ahmedabad in 903H and he passed away in 910H. This way after this proclamation he was alive for seven years.

Obviously contradicting signs cannot be found in a single person. However after proclamation whichever sign tally with the conditions of that personality will be considered more accurate. It has happened like that. i.e. those signs, which are present in traditions, were found in Hzt. Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS; but like the predictions about ProphetSLM; here also it is necessary to ascertain the true meaning of the traditions. The Mahdavi scholars did this very efficiently.

2. The second proof of the Prophet-hood of Muhammad RasoolAllahSLM is his proclamation. Because no case is proved without a claim but just the claim is not enough rather it is necessary to remain with firm resolve on the claim till the last breathe.

When ProphetSLM proclaimed about his Prophet-hood, he had to face various kinds of troubles from infidels of Quraish and polytheists of Makkah. The persecution was so much that if any false Prophet was there, he would have run away long ago. But since heSLM was a true ProphetSLM. He faced all those troubles firmly with extreme patience in all circumstances. HeSLM neither succumbed to temptations nor withdrew from the proclamation due to any fear. Thirteen years of his life in Makkah is evidence. Then after migrating to Madinah-e-Munawwara, he faced intrigue from Jews, then many Holy wars. But the messenger of AllahSLM remained firm and said, "I am the Prophet not a liar, I am son of Abdul Mutalib".

Same situation prevailed with Hzt. Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri Mahdi-e-MaoudAS. Ever since he proclaimed by Allah's command to be the promised MahdiAS, scholars and Jurists class troubled him, afflicted humiliations on him. Got him expelled from those countries by poisoning the ears of the kings (by misguiding them). In short wherever he went, especially the worldly scholars made him a target of their atrocities. He remained firm on his claim till the last breathe and said that 'Allah is my Helper!'.

3. The third proof of the Prophet-hood of MuhammadSLM is his miracles. As such, in the valley of infidelity and polytheism, the call of monotheism is by itself a miracle. To present the most eloquent book of Allah "The Noble Quran", inspite of being a person without letters (illiterate), is by itself a miracle. This miracle also is such, which would remain a challenge for the world till the day of judgment. Then to split the moon, to complete journey of Meraj in an extremely short time, water flowing from the fingers, healing of the fractured bone by saliva, a small-unequipped group winning over a huge army, rather every moment of Prophet'sSLM life is by itself a miracle.

In the same manner, since Mahdi-e-MaoudAS is caliph of Allah, many miracles occurred through him too. Hence, by effect of glance, people intoxicated by the world, renounced it and accompanied him. Paralyzing thrice of the hand hoisted with the sword with an intention to kill him. Healing of patients with offal. Thousands of people becoming penitent after listening to his Bayaan-e-Quran. Halting of the storm in the sea with beneficence effect of his eyes. Disappearance of the most pure body from the holy grave. Twenty years after the death, according to the prediction, success of Hzt. Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir Siddique-e-Vilayat Syed-ush-Shuhada Haamil-e-Baar-e-AmaanatRZ along with 60 indigent companions against Muzaffar (the then ruler of Gujarat) on day one, and martyrdom of Bandagi Miyan Syed KhundmirRZ on the second day. The burial at three different places is the greatest of the miracles of the Promised MahdiAS as his explanation of the Holy Qur'an.

His greatest miracle was his explanation of Qur'an (Bayaan-e-Quran) which he did between Asr and Maghrib Salaat. The specialty of his Bayaan was that the listeners used to get answers to the questions they had in their hearts during the Bayaan.

The second specialty was that thousands of people gathered to listen to his Bayaan-e-Qur'an and his voice reached everyone, sitting near or far, alike.

The third specialty was that whichever part of the world he went, he gave his Bayaan-e-Qur'an in their native language.

The fourth specialty was that no one could write his Bayaan-e-Quran, perfectly as he said.

The fifth specialty was that during the Bayaan, many people became unconscious with divine ecstasy.

These are a few miracles which surely are the samples out of the lot.

As the miracles were the proof of the Prophet-hood of Prophet MuhammadSLM, similarly they are the proof of the Mahdiat of Hzt. Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS.

But the biggest proof of Hzt. Syedana Muhammad MustafaSLM are his great manners, which, the Holy Qur'an remembers as . Muslim scholars have given more emphasis on his manners only. Because illiterate and radical people can mix miracles with magic. But the field of manners is so strenuous that only he can walk who is made to walk under the guidance of Allah. That's what happened. ProphetSLM took every step forward under the guidance of Allah. Otherwise, after being awarded the Prophet-hood, to endure patience and leading a respectable life for over 13 years in Makkah in middle of the uncivilized, suffering abusive language, physical torture, inappropriate titles, boycott, etc was not a matter under anyone's control. It was his God who was making him walk on that path. It was him alone who was abiding. To forgive the bloodthirsty, to pray for enemies, to reply torture with patience, not to get disappointed on failure, not to be proud of success, to always depend on Allah, to spend life without asking in extreme hardship, to stand the whole night in front of Allah just to pray for the ummah. All these were the qualities of which he was the solitary owner. This also is a miracle that his worst enemy could not say a single bad word about his lofty manners.

In the same manner if one keep the lofty manners of Hzt. Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri Mahdi-e-MaoudAS in his view then it would be felt as if they are the reflection of those manners here too. Knowledge, tolerance, hospitality, hunger and poverty, trust in Allah, generosity, bravery, worship, remembrance of Allah, shunning of the world, abstinence from the worldly people, flawless qualities following diving book of Allah along with the law (Shariat-e-MustafawiSLM). In short, whatever qualities were there are seen here too. Because the ProphetSLM said, "MahdiAS is from me, will follow my footsteps, and will never err".

Be it known that to follow Prophet'sSLM footsteps, and in such a way that there should be no error, is not a simple task. Rather it is impossible. Yes! Whom Allah created for this purpose for him only it is possible. Allah alone can make him walk on this path.

Hence Mahdi-e-MaoudAS said, "I do not follow ProphetSLM by reading traditions, instead by reading Muhammad'sSLM heart and by asking the soul of ProphetSLM. When the state of following is so then how exalted and pre-eminent would be the status of this respected personality needs no mention.

The conclusion is that the standard by which the Prophet hood of the ProphetSLM can be examined and established, if the Mahdiat of Hzt. Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri Mahdi-e-MaoudAS is checked on the same standards, Alhamdulillah, no difference will be found.

The proofs that confirm the Prophet hood of Hzt. MuhammadSLM also establish Mahdiat of Hzt. Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS.

The issue that remains to be addressed is: in the past few centuries, quite a few people claimed to be Mahdi, yet none of the claimants fulfilled the signs narrated in the traditions. The answer to this is: in the past, at different times and places, many people claimed to be the Mahdi but due to the claim of many different people, will the original issue itself be dead?

Instead with this the case will get firmness and strength. It is understood that if different people, in different cities, in different countries, in different periods claimed to be Mahdi then this can only happen when Prophet'sSLM traditions about MahdiAS are present in abundance and they are popular everywhere. The people knew that the advent of MahdiAS being a necessity of the faith to the extent that people awaited him everywhere and all the time.

If a Jew or a Christian say that since many people claimed to be the Prophet and none of them is truly a prophet because the predictions present in torah and bible do not come true. In that case, God forbid, will the Prophet hood of the seal of the ProphetsSLM come under debate? Rather we would say, there is no doubt in it that during the time of RasoolAllahSLM and after him too, many people claimed to be Prophet but they were all proven wrong. Hence Allah failed and destroyed them. But MuhammadSLM was a true Prophet that's why he remained firm on his claim till his last breathe. And Allah helped him and gave prevalence and he succeeded in his mission. And that he had no effect of other claimants on his prophet-hood. His miracles, The Holy Qur'an, and his lofty manners are proofs of his prophet-hood till the Day of Judgment. Further about the predictions that were in Torah and the Bible. Muslim scholars have given correct interpretations and proved them to be true in his favour.

During and after RasoolAllahSLM several people claimed to be prophet including Musailmah Kazzab, Aswad-e-Unsi, Sajah (Woman), Muntabi and Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani, etc. Due to their false hood, Allah disgraced them and they suffered for their evil deeds.

Similarly people claimed of Mahdiat before Hzt. Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS too but some of them repented and some disappeared. How can Hzt. Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS be included in this category?

There are two categories of those people who claimed to be Mahdi, besides Hzt. Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri Mahdi-e-MaoudAS.
  • Those people, who took the outward meaning of "Yamlikul", etc or were misled by the worldly scholars, ended up claiming to be Mahdi in greed of kingdom and governance. Like Mahdi Sudani, etc.
  • The second type is of the Sufis and saints (Ahl-Allah) who, under influence of their ecstasy, claimed to be Mahdi, but reverted from their claim after gaining consciousness and repented. Hence the names of those saints who claimed to be literal Mahdi are as follows in our books:
1. Khwaja Hasan Basri, 2. Khwaja Junaid Baghdadi, 3. Khawaja Osman Magrabi, 4. Khwaja Hasan Noori, 5. Khwaja Abdullah Khafi, 6. Khwaja Sheiq Eisa, 7. Sheiq Abdul Qader Jilani, 8. Sheiq Muhammad Arabi, 9. Syed Muhammad Qaisudaraz (May Allah have mercy on them).

Finally, Hzt. Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS proclaimed as Promised MahdiAS on Allah's command in a state of consciousness and understanding. He presented the book of Allah (Qur'an) and the practices of Prophet MuhammadSLM as proofs. He remained firm on his proclamation till his last breathe.

The status of Caliphate and Mahdiat is not above the Prophet-hood to demand a higher standard for its proofs and its scrutiny is prescribed, than the standards for checking the prophet-hood. If the Mahdiat and divine caliphate of Hzt. Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS is checked on the same standards and proofs on which the prophet hood of the Prophet MuhammadSLM was checked then it would be evident that Hzt. Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS is the true Promised MahdiAS. Because, all those signs that are mentioned in the holy Qur'an and the traditions, are applying to him perfectly.

A brief description as to how he (Promised MahdiAS) served Islam as a religion and fulfilled his assigned duties, can be seen from the wiring of the non-mahdevia, unbiased historians:

  • It is narrated in Arabic history "Zafar-ul-waalah" - "Hzt. Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS proceeded from there to Ahmedabad, Patan, Naharwaala. And stayed in a village called Badli, which is at a distance of 3 farsakh (farsakh - one farsakh is equal to more than 2 miles) from there. And he proclaimed to be the Promised MahdiAS. A huge crowd of commoners followed him and the devotion continued in the selected people."
  • Mulla Abdul Qader Badayuni writes, "Mir Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS, who's been among the great saints, claimed his Mahdiat in India."
  • Abdul Qasim Farishta writes in "Tariq-e-Farishta", "Hzt. Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS proclaimed in India that I alone am the Promised MahdiAS in Islamic Law terminology."
  • Writer of "Tohfatul-Kiraam" Mir Sher Ali Qaney writes, "Hzt. Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS was not just among the vocal claimants, he was rather mystic and a person near to Allah."
  • Renowned historian Shaik Muhammad Ikram writes in "Rood-Kausar", "Hzt. Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS was not just a scholar, rather he kept a sensitive heart by his side, and had an effective speech too, he used to give great emphasis on following Islamic Law, and wherever he saw anything against the Islamic Law, he stopped it".
  • Akbar Shah Khan Najeeb Abadi writes, "At last, after seeing the storm of ignorance and darkness and polytheism and innovation, Hzt. Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS, who is famous as Mahdi-e-MaoudAS, from Jaunpur got ready for mere propagation of the Book (the Holy Qur'an) and practice (practices of Prophet MuhammadSLM)".
  • Maulvi Syed Ahmad Dahalvi, writes in "Farhang-e-Asafiya", "The bases of the belief of Mahdavia sect is on the following things: being obedient to Mahdavi faith, repent wholeheartedly, selfless practice, continuous remembrance (of Allah), worship of Allah, prohibition from asking (favours), renouncing of needs, charity of everything left over after immediate needs, abstinence from accumulating wealth".
  • Syed Abul Zafar Nadvi writes, "Except belief in MahdiAS, the faith and practices of Mahdavia are of Hanafi. they believe in the vision of Allah in this world and have the faith that, 27th of Ramazan is the confirmed Shab-e-Qadr".
  • Maulvi Khairuddin writes in "Jaunpur Nama", "Hzt. Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS was one of the signs of Allah and a miracle among the miracles of Rasool-e-Maqbool (Beloved Messenger of AllahSLM). Sword in the hand and Qur'an on the head were his distinctive signs. Follows Abu Hanifa in subsidiary issues. But is strict in following the traditions".
  • Maulvi Abul Kalaam Azaad writes, "The true practical period of Islamic teachings was started by Mahdavia Group - their conduct and manners were strangely amorous / loving and devoted, such that they reminded the religious qualities of the Holy CompanionsRZ."
  • "The truth is, by way of guidance, the title of MahdiAS is suitable to him that he was himself appointed for true guidance of the whole mankind" - Jaunpur Nama.
  • Khwaja Hasan Nizami writes, "A saint from Jaunpur, Hzt. Syed Muhammad JaunpuriAS proclaimed to be the Promised MahdiAS. Lakhs of Muslims accepted him, and to date thousands of his followers reside in Hyderabad, Palanpur, Jaipur, Mysore, Baroda, etc."
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