Non-Muslims and non-Mahdavis' appraisal of the Mahdi, Mahdawiyat, and their followers  
This section contains excerpt from the literary research works of non-Mahdavi scholars' view on Hazrat Syed Muhammad JaunpuriSAS - The Mahdi, Mahdavia movement, or its followers. Their work is living testimony to the character, conduct, chaste and divinely guided life of Hazrat Syed Muhammad JaunpuriSAS.

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India's Islamic Traditions, 711-1750
Edited by: Richard M. Eaton
Research paper 'The Sociology of Political Engagement -The Mahdawiyah and the State' by
Dr. Derryl N. MacLean
Beyond Turk and Hindu
Edited by: David Gilmartin and Bruce B. Lawerence
Research paper 'Real Men and False Men at the court of Akbar' by
Dr. Derryl N. MacLean
Introduction to "Mubahisa-i-Alamgiri"
Author: Scott A. Kugle
Translator of 'Mubahisa-i-Alamgiri' from original persian text.
Opinion of Non-Mahdavis Historians & Scholars – Excerpts from the book "The Fragrance of Khaleefatullah"
Biography of the ImamAS written by: S.S.M Arif Nizami M.A., LLB.
Tazkirah – Excerpts
Authored by: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
Translator: Hazrat Faqir Syed Ziaullah Yadullahi Sahab
Biographical Encyclopedia of SUFIS – South Asia
Hazrat Qazi QadenRZ [A brief biography]
Authored by: N. Hanif
Extract from the book "Islam in India's Transition to Modernity"
Author: M. A. Karandikar
Dhikr:Islamic Context and Mahdavi Practice
Research and Presentation: Dr. Marcia Hermansen (Loyola University, Chicago)
Author: Dr. Riaz ul-Islam [Professor, Department of History, University of Karachi]
Ghayr Mahdavi Ulema, Mourrikheen aur Mufakkirin kay Khayalat [Urdu]
Collection by: Hazrat Syed Yakoob Roshan Yadullahi Sahab
This section is taken from the book "Radd-e-Qavi", written by Hazrat Syed Yakoob Roshan Yadullahi Sahab refuting allegations on Mahdaviat by extremist elements.
And say those who disbelieved: “You are not a sent-one.” Say: “It became sufficient for Allah to be a Witness between me and between you, and that one (also) with whom is the knowledge of Al-Kitâb. (13:43)
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